Cooking in Mud pots- The Ancient Tradition

In ancient times when aluminum, brass and non stick wasn’t even known to mankind, the best known resource for making cookware was mud, the natural resource which was available in abundance. The potters used to make different utensils using soft clay mud for daily use. The best thing about these utensils was that you could just break them whenever they get destroyed or old and they would just go back to the environment without harming it. The destroyed utensil would just decompose off in the nature after some time, unlike other metal which needs external resource like fire to bring them down to liquid form for further use.

Also the cleaning process of earthen pots is very basic, one can just wash them off with water. When needed you can scrub it off for darker stains. Remember not to clean your mud utensils with soap. These utensils generally absorb water, as they are made of mud so its very obvious that they will absorb water and therefore its advisable not to use soapy water or otherwise it will absorb the soap too which will make it impossible to use it again. Therefore the cleaning process does not involves harming environment by using chemical detergents as plain water is more than enough.

The health benefits of cooking in earthen pot is amazing too. As it does not involves using much oil, it becomes as good as a non stick and that too without harmful effects of a non stick. One can also cook without using oil, as cooking in them does not requires oil. The food stays hot for a longer period too as the steam does not evaporates easily because of the thick surface of the cooking pot, which keeps the food hot for a longer period naturally. Since cooking in earthen pot is slow cooking, the aroma of the spices brings a natural flavor to the food altogether. Also because of the steam produced while cooking, the food doesn’t burn in pot cooking.

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