4 Utensils You Can Cook Food In To Preserve Nutrients

Our life has become so fast that we often forget or simply ignore about a few basic things which we have been taught since ages. And the same ignorance goes with the quality of the food which we eat. For example our nani and dadi prepared tasty and nutritious food even without using non stick or granite finish pans and pots. They used simple age old techniques and used nutrient friendly metals to cook food in. But now since we are always in a hurry and want to speed up everything, our kitchen and cooking methods and cooking pots have also changed and that is not good in a long run. Well here are these four types of vessels in which you should cook your food in order to benefit from what you eat….

Clay pots– There is nothing more healthier than cooking in clay pots. Since ages our ancestor believed and practiced the habit of cooking in clay pots, but over the period of time the use of these vessels has become rare. Clay pots are not only pocket friendly, but cooking food in them is also extremely good for health as they preserve and lock the nutrients of the food. The clay pot cooking is a little time consuming but its better to spend a little time on preserving nutrients of the food you eat. Also use unglazed cooking pots instead of the glazed ones as they are full of chemicals. To know how to season a clay pot, watch this video…

Brass– Some homes still have vessels made of this material. It is said that a brass vessel secures upto 93% nutrients of the food cooked in it. But do not prepare acidic food in it as it can react with the metal. Otherwise it is excellent to cook rice. Though extra care should be taken while washing them.

Bronze– Bronze is another great metal which preserves the nutrients of the food. Remember how your fancy restaurant has gone back in the time and have started serving food in vessels made of this material. But look out for authentic sellers to buy brass utensil as tin or nickel that may be added to these utensils may lead to health hazard.

Cast iron– You should first learn how to take care of iron utensils to prevent them from rusting. Otherwise iron utensils are good to cook food in. They are also super durable and add a small dose of iron to the food prepared in it. However you should avoid using it everyday.

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