This Is How You Can Take Care Of Your Wooden Spoons

Wooden spatula’s look fancy and are of a great use. They don’t scratch your expensive pans and are heat resistant too. So its not a problem if you leave the spoons while the food is being cooked, and then suddenly touch the spoon again. You know what we mean….Well but the only problem with them is that wood is not that easy to clean and maintain unlike other spoons which are made of steel, aluminum, ceramic etc. But these three steps will make sure that they go a long way….

Clean them instantly– Well leaving your wooden spatulas just like that over the pile of other dirty utensils is not a good idea. Wood absorbs oil and flavors from the food which is cooked using them. Therefore cleaning them simply with a cleaning bar really doesn’t stops the germ build up. Next time you use a wooden spatula make sure you place it in a solution of warm water and a few drops of liquid soap for some time before cleaning it thoroughly with water.

Take help of lemon– Throw in few peels of used lemons while boiling water to clean the spatula’s. You can also give a fresh fragrance to the spoon by scrubbing it with lemon and salt. This step will act as a sanitizer for your spoons. You can also use baking soda and lemon once a month for a deep clean.

Oil them for a longer life– Now exposing wooden stuff to hot water will make it break after some time. But that’s completely ok since using a clean stuff is more important then using a fancy but dirty stuff. So in order to increase the life of your wooden spoons, simply massage them with food grade oil and hang to air dry completely before use.

Image reference- Pinterest

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