6 Ways To Add A Traditional Touch To Your Bathing Room

It is said that a kitchen and bathing room is the reflection of a house. To keep it clean and tidy is important but you should also keep an eye on the design of these two. And though there are many design ideas to try from but if you want to add a traditional Indian touch to your bathing room then have a look at these surreal ideas…..

Use cane partition– Using cane is so much in trend nowadays. Its perfect to add a rustic and age old look to your interiors. So you can use it to create dividers or partitions, or you can even use it for doors and bathing room shelves.

Indian basins– Ceramic or marble basins in India inspired designs is an another element to add to your interiors to achieve a traditional look. Bathing room fittings like taps and lights can be in brass to match the entire look.

Carved wood mirror frames– Using carved wood items add a pleasant and inviting look to the whole ambience. The easiest way to add it to your decor is to use a mirror frame made of carved wood.

Marble or wooden carved jalli– This one is surely a costly affair but if you wish to add a luxurious look to your bathing room then this is one of the best option to explore.

Wood work console tables– Wood work console tables are not just for regular decoartions, infact they look great when kept in bathing rooms for storage purposes.

Printed tiles– This one again is one of the easiest option to explore if you are revamping your bathing room from scratch. These tiles can be used on floors or can also be used to highlight a wall.

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