5 Stunning Ways To Setup Diya’s This Diwali

Lighting an earthen lamp or diya as we call it is the most satisfying thing we do on Diwali. Remember the fights we all use to have as children as who will light and place the diya all around the house. Well all we wish to say is that instead of placing the diya’s just like that why not be creative and use them a little differently this time. Have a look at these inspirational ideas…..

Create a rangoli– Yes you can create one using majorly diya’s and a little bit of flowers to highlight the setting. Isn’t this gorgeous. And if you want to make it bigger than have two or three rounds of diya’s to cover up a larger space.

Make borders– Using them like this is perfect to decorate space against the wall and you can easily create striking borders like this. Decorate this setting a little more by using rangoli colors.

Decorate tray’s– Decorate a tray with earthen diya’s and use some other decorative items made of same material at the center. Place this somewhere near the idol of lord Ganesha and this will be your happy space.

Use them around Urili– Decorating Urili’s or any other bowl is mandatory during Diwali, isn’t it. So incase if you have one then decorate it further by adding diya’s all around it. You can decorate a corner or a table top like this.

Use them with whole flowers– This is probably the easiest way for Diwali home decoration. Use whole flowers with colorful diya’s or even with the plain ones and you can create magic with this idea.

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