This Diwali Use Fresh Flowers Like This To Prepare Rangoli At Home

Using fresh flowers is the best therapeutic way to decorate your home for any festival season. And when it comes to decorating home for Diwali then what can be better than making Rangoli with fresh flowers. You can use different flowers and leaves to add color to your design, and the best part is that these types of rangoli are eco friendly too. So find your inspiration here and do try them this Diwali.

Make your own little space– Create a cosy space for yourself where you can sit quietly and enjoy the festivity and the ambience around you. You can add ganpati idol on a raised platform and use lamps and diya’s all around the rangoli beneath the idol.

Create simple borders– You can create some simple patterns adjacent to the walls like this. If you are just a beginner then simply use two or three different colored flowers to create a straight line against the walls and this would look interesting too.

Decorate the entrance– On Diwali its mandatory to decorate the entrance of the house to invite goddess Lakshmi to enter the house. So go creative and use fresh flowers to decorate the entrance of the house like this.

Create corners– Don’t ignore the corners and use different flowers to prepare special rangoli in these areas. You can take help of lamps and other decorative pieces to make these corners look more beautiful.

Use Urili– Urili comes in different materials like a brass one or a stone urili and many more. So if you have one then do make it a point to decorate your fresh flower rangoli with it to make it look more appealing.

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