Stay Positive And Spread Light: Diya Ideas To Use And The Significance Of Using Diya’s

If you all are wondering how you can light up diya’s today then we have got a few wonderful ideas for you. Incase if you do not have Diwali’s leftover diya’s available at home then need not worry, there are a few other things which you can use as a oil lamp to spread the light. And many who are arguing that this won’t scare corona virus then it definitely will not, but there is definitely a thing called collective consciousness. It’s for all of us to show that together we stand for each other and that this too shall pass…

Atta ka diya– Aate ka diya is very simple to make and comes handy when you have no other option for lighting up diya’s. Simply knead wholewheat flour like you do for preparing roti’s and make diya out of this kneaded floor. Add oil of your choice and insert a cotton wick to make diya.

Coconut shell– If you have dried coconut shells available at home then this is the best way to use them. You can make candles in them but the best way to use them again and again is to simply pour oil in them and to use them as diya’s.

Lemon peel– You can also use lemon peels for making a fruity oil lamp. It will release a very nice fragrance when you will light it. You can also add laung or a piece of clove to it to help fight bugs and mosquitoes.

Orange peel– Orange peel is another great thing to use as a diya.

Mitti ka diya– And off course if you have mitti ka diya at home then do use them.

Also remember that lighting up diya’s with oil is always better than lighting up candles. Use mustard oil and seasome oil to do so. Light signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. light means the non-existence of darkness and evil forces. When you light diya’s you go from darkness to enlightenment, from fear to empowernment which you do not only for yourself, but also for the people living around you. And when everyone does it collectively, we create this energy that we all will overcome the barriers in our lives and proceed towards happier times. See this very inspirational message from Dr. Jai Madaan.

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