Benefits of planting Ashoka tree at home

Spiritual And Medicinal Benefits Of Planting Sacred Ashoka Tree At Home

Dedicated to lord Kama, the god of love, Ashoka is a sacred tree which in Sanskrit means no sorrow and grief. This tree has a lot of spiritual and medicinal benefits and is one tree which is considered auspicious to keep or plant at the entrance of the home. As a kid, we all remember seeing homes having a bunch of Ashoka tree’s planted at the entrance of the house. But this practice is lost somewhere because of our own ignorance of our rich heritage, where everything has a particular scientific, astrological and spiritual meaning. Here are a few benefits of having a Ashoka tree at home…

-Planting this tree in north direction is believed to bring prosperity and good luck.

-This tree is used in various medicines and has high medicinal value. It is used to treat cold and fever and is also a great medicine for treating irregular periods in women.

-The leaves of Ashoka tree are used to make toran on festivals and other auspicious occasions. Since they are believed to be sacred therefore it drives in good luck to the place where they are used.

-Askoka tree has a very important place in spirituality. It is said that meditating under a Ashoka tree or worshiping this tree brings much faster results and also helps in taking away sorrow’s and negativity from one’s life. It attracts prosperity and well being and should therefore be worshiped everyday.

-The root of Ashoka tree is very useful in removing vastu dosh from home. Simply sprinkle few drops of gangajal on the roots to purify it and keep them in pooja of your home.

-You should also light a diya under this tree everyday. Use pure ghee and camphor to light the diya.

-It is also believed that the root of this tree helps in attracting money and is therefore kept in safe after sprinkling few drops of gangajal on it.

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