4 Homemade Pop-sickle Ideas Made From Fresh Fruits

Summers are already here and needless to say that we all crave for ice creams and popsicles in this weather. But instead of buying them, how about making them at home and that also in a much healthier way. Here are a few popsicle’s which you can make from fresh fruits…

Mixed melon– Use fresh juice of different melons like watermelon, cantaloupe, muskmelon to create a multi color popsicle. You will have to pick sweet fruits for making popsickle or else they will taste bland. You can also add sugar to the fruit juices to make them taste more sweet. Create the layers one by one like starting from one color and freezing it a bit, and then pouring the second color and repeating the process and so on.

Chocolate banana– You can also use fresh banana slices and chocolate for a creamy choco flavor which the kids will surely love to have. Melt choco chips or dark chocolate in a double boiler and add coconut cream to it. Once it melts completely fill them in popsickle mould along with some banana pieces.

Yogurt fruit– You can also make popsickle with flavored or sweetened yogurt. Take geek yogurt and mix sugar and heavy cream in it. You can also add coconut milk instead of heavy cream. Now blend everything smooth and place the fruits of your choice in popsickle moulds. Pour the yougurt mix in it and freeze. You can also blend fruits in yogurt if you want a fruity flavored yogurt as a base for your ice cream.

Mixed fruit– Take fruits of your choice like different berries, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, mango, melons etc and place them in the popsickle mould. Pour flavored water or juice like apple or mixed fruit juice and freeze.

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