5 Tricolor Inspired Desserts To Try On The Occasion Of Independence Day

Independence day is around the corner and has you planned on your meal recipes for the day. It’s a special day and why not celebrate it with your entire family by having something sweet. Go through these recipes and you will definitely find something for yourself to try on this day……

Cake– If your family loves having cakes then making a cake with tricolor frosting is the best idea. To make the things easy you can also buy cake pre mix to make the cake, and then use simple frosting in different colors to decorate the cake. You can also skip colored frosting and go for normal one instead, just use orange and green colored fruits to decorate the cake in that case. Fresh fruits will add colors and refreshing taste to your fruit cake.

Popsicle– Its summertime, so how about having popsicles or kulfi. Use different fruit puree’s for the popsicle’s, like you can make green color with kiwi and orange with mango. For the white part use milk with milk powder to create a creamy texture.

Fruit Cream– This is an another great idea to satisfy your sweet tooth on this day. Fruits like muskmelon or papaya can be used for the orange color and grapes or kiwi can be used to depict the green color. If you have blueberries then use them at the center for the blue color.

Ladoo– And if you are a fan of having traditional ladoo’s then do try tricolor ladoo’s. Use coconut, besan or green gram ladoo’s to add the tricolor feel to the dish.

Rabdi– Cold rabri is something which everyone will relish having in summers. Serve it nicely in tall champagne glasses and it will be a perfect meal for the family.

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