5 DIY Birthday Decor Ideas For Kids

Birthday‘s are something which everyone especially the kids look forward to. But since the world has come to standstill for every one of us, its only necessary to keep the things going for them. And even if you are celebrating just with the family, make sure that you make the day special for the kids. Here are a few decor ideas to try out….

Ribbons and balloons– Simple paper ribbons look so fancy for any party decor. They add a colourful and peppy mood to the entire setup. Pair colorful balloons to match with and you are all ready for the party. Simple isn’t it.

Create a Photo Booth– A part of a wall can be used to create a perfect Photo Booth.Decide the space and the area to be covered for this project and accordingly hang or stick in lots of colourful ribbons on the wall. Now using the overlaid pattern stick colourful balloons in different sizes to complete the pattern.

Go all glitter– If you are up for all things bling then this is a perfect idea for a birthday decor. Use bling curtain for the background which is easily available online and then top it up with shiny balloons.

Colors all over– Now this is a fun way to make the birthday decor special. Kids love colours and if their room is all done with different colours then they will surely enjoy their day.

Set up a cake table– Ok we know that inviting guests has become an alien concept for the time being, but its also a time to make your kids feel special since they are just locked upon inside homes. So do think creatively to set up a nice cake table accompanied with other eatables.

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