Holi Home Decor And Party Ideas

Incase if you thought that corona is again taking a toll, and that you won’t be able to enjoy holi the way which was possible before then think once more. Well there is so much you can do at home to make your kids and friends or family feel special about the festival. A few simple ideas for home decor will make all the difference, and we have got a few listed for you…

Color corner– You can keep the dry colors or gulal in colorful boxes or buckets. Naming each color with a colorful flashcard will make the decor more special. Add pinwheel or colorful tea light glasses around for a nice effect. And though the picture depicts a holi hamper but you can take inspiration from it for a nice table decor. And off course skip keeping eatables with colors.

Create a photobooth– You can also create a quick photobooth for your guests where they can click pictures for their Insta stories. And you don’t have to do much, simply hang a few colorful pieces of running fabrics on a string or a wire. You can also throw in some colorful balloons all over for a playful effect.

Table decor– If you plan to sit and eat, then try setting up a colorful table especially for the occasion. You can take help of some glass vases and a few colorful flowers. Arrange the flowers in bunches and they will set up a perfect mood for the festival.

Water balloons– If you have kids swimming pool lying at home then make the best use of it this festive season. Fill it with colorful water balloons and the guests will love it.

Wall decor– You can make colorful paper cutouts and use them as wall decor, or you can also create hangings from them which can be hanged from the ceiling. This will add a nice colorful touch to your home.

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