Try These Lip Smacking Recipes On Holi

Food and festivals go together in our country. While every region has its own special delicacy, but a few basic recipes are popular and loved throughout everywhere. Here are a few basic of them which you can make for holi, and enjoy them with your loved ones and friends.

Snack Time

Kachori– Whether plain or filled one, kachori is something which a true foodie can never say no to. You can try dal kachori, pyaz kachori or simple besan and matar kachori. Serve hot kachori with spicy green chutney and aloo sabzi gravy.

Dahi Bhalle– This one is a must have for any holi party. Since childhood most of us have enjoyed having this delicious stuff on Holi. So how about making it this time too.

Papri chaat– If making dahi bhalle seems too time consuming for you then try a simpler version of it with the sookhi papri. Papri is easily available at any namkeen shop.

Time For Desserts

GujiyaGujiya and holi go together, isn’t it. You can make gujiya with a filling of your choice. Make mawa gujiya, nariyal dry fruit gujiya or any other filling of your choice.

Malpua– Malpua and rabri is one of the most loved dessert which just melts in mouth. Do serve this dessert to your family.

Gulab jamun– Who says no to hot hot gulab jamuns. Well nobody we guess, and why not its one dessert apart from the chocolates, which is loved by the people of all age groups.


Thandai-A glass of Thandai brings smile to everybody’s face. Just like Gujiya you cannot miss having Thandai on this day.

kanji– This is a fermented sour drink which is excellent for the digestion. A concoction of spices, its a must have drink on Holi.

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