Amidst Corona Virus Threat, Say No To Handshakes And Go For Traditional NAMASTE Instead

A customary Indian greeting, Namaste, Namashkar or Namaskaram is a common cultural practice in India which is done to greet or welcome each other. Though it also means Hello and goodbye at the same time, which means it can be used while you meet someone, and also while you take a leave.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word which in Hinduism means “Namah+ te=I bow to the divine in you”. It also has a spiritual meaning which reflects the belief that “the divine and self ( atma or soul) is the same in you and me.”

It recognizes the belief that the life force, the divinity, or the God in me is the same in all. By joining hands together while greeting with Namste, we acknowledge the oneness and equality of all the life forms which also means that we honor the god in the person we meet.

But there are various other benefits of doing Namaskar or doing Namaste while you meet someone…

-By saying Namaste,( which means folding hands and bowing your head slightly with a smile on the face) we acknowledge the divine force inside the other person which means that we all are equal.

-While we are in Namaskar mudra asana, means while we join our hands and keep it rested near to the chest, divine energy flows and enters our body. Remember the different asana we do in yoga while meditating.

-While shaking hands you might be at risk of spreading germs to each other, but there is no such risk while greeting with a Namaste.

-Its a wonderful way to stay connected to your spiritual forces and energies because while you smile and bow to say Namsate, you also thank the supreme force for blessing you with all the energies.

-In Namaste there is no physical contact, therefore incase if you come in contact of a negative energy, there are no chances that those energies are transferred to you.

So stop Handshake for now, and start with NAMASTE instead….

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