Things to do while you are in quarantine covid-19

7 Productive Things To Do While You Are In Quarantine

We still have a few days to go before we hit the streets again. But are you already feeling bored, and do you feel that Netflix is the only way out to save you from getting all screwed up during this self isolation period. Well no….take this as once in a lifetime opportunity where you get to spend some time with your family, and use the remaining time in a constructive way….we have a few ideas… And remember we can do nothing to escape this situation, but we can definitely give a new direction to life starting here…so stay at home and stay happy and healthy.

Learn a new language– Learning languages can be fun, plus it is always good to add an another feather in your cap. Youtube channels and many online and offline classes are available on the internet for this purpose, so choose on which language you want to learn and get started. You can also search for websites like duolingo and babbel for the same.

Get time for your hobbies– This is a perfect time to indulge in your hobbies which you somehow had to always postpone because of lack of time. Be it painting, dancing, music, baking or any other stuff, just do it. You have ample of time now.

Read books– If you are an avid reader then this is your golden time. You can finish ample of books which have been waiting on your ‘to read list’ from quite some time. If you don’t have a copy of them then search for a book online and you will definitely get some help. There are several online websites like Goodreads, Project Gutenberg and many others which can help you with this. You can also go to to read Hindi books online.

Manage your wardrobe– De clutter your wardrobe including your accessories and makeup racks and just keep everything nicely and organized in your wardrobe. This task is really time consuming and always takes a back seat because of lack of time. But now we all have ample of time to finish this task.

Learn Yoga– The world is after yoga and if you feel that naahhh… yoga is not for me then you are highly mistaken. Yoga is for everyone, but do try it consistently for at-least one month before deciding whether you want to continue or not. Believe us it will bring in a lot of changes in you.

Learn to grow plants– Who doesn’t loves to see more of greenery around. Well learn to grow vegetables, flowers and decorative plants. Learn how to care for them and above all go a step closer towards the nature, and indulging yourself in plant therapy is the best way to do it.

Become more sustainable– This is very very necessary. Recently we all have seen videos and pictures of how nature is finding its balance in the absence of humans on the streets. Well now since that’s not possible for long, why not do our bit to save this planet. Take more and more sustainable steps like saying no to plastic, using solar energy and adapting zero waste lifestyle. Well these are just a few steps, start with one and you will find your own way.

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