How To Make Sure That Your Date Is Your Perfect Match?

How To Make Sure That Your Date Is Your Perfect Match?

It’s human nature to doubt while making an important decision especially when this decision concerns your personal life. People can date for quite a lot of time but when it comes to the marriage proposal they can hesitate being afraid of making a mistake.

On the one hand, getting married is a lottery and you can never be a hundred percent sure that you are making the correct choice.

On the other hand, it’s definitely not the reason to avoid marriage and stay single till the end of your days. If you are experiencing something like that than probably your inner voice is whispering to you that this might not be the person you are looking for or that you are too indecisive and shy and are afraid of getting a refusal.

The only way out here is to analyze the situation thoroughly and all in all make sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is your perfect match. Here we have gathered some key criteria which may help you.

  1. Time matters

If you have managed to date for a couple of years and you are still together then there should be no place for doubts. You would not have been able to live a single month with the person who is a polar opposite of you. In most cases all those ideas about opposites attraction remain just talks because fire does not burn in water the same as water can not exist in fire. These are totally different elements which if brought together destroy each other sooner or later. The same happens to the relationship of two people if they have too little in common. At first it may seem funny and unusual to date someone who is not like you. It’s like experiencing something new. But in the course of time each of the couple becomes sick and tired of his or her partner and their differences start irritating them and driving them crazy. So if you have been dating with someone for quite a long time it means that you feel comfortable with each other and there are a lot of things which unite you.

  1. Common opinions

Ask yourself whether your opinions on the most important things coincide and if not then how much they differ. You can not always agree with each other and you will not be able to avoid some arguments. The question is whether you are ready and willing to find a compromise settlement. It actually shows whether your partner’s opinion is important to you or not. If after analyzing all these things you will come to the conclusion that in most cases you are able to find the common ground then it is obvious that this person is your perfect match.

  1. His or her presence makes you feel happy

If you can’t live a single day without thinking about each other and getting in contact a few times a day, if you miss your date all the time when you are not together, if you like the same things and share the same hobbies then I just wonder what other proofs you need. You had better not hesitate and make a marriage proposal as soon as possible because otherwise you can lose your chance. Nobody is able to wait forever however strong and deep the feelings are. Especially if your date is as beautiful as a single Ukrainian girl. Besides, postponing this day and moment you postpone you own life period of happiness and joy.

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