6 Male Celebs That Made Round Glasses Such a Trend

6 Male Celebs That Made Round Glasses Such a Trend

Celebrities are influential people when it comes to setting fashion trends for both clothing and accessorizing. You look up to them for ideas and inspiration for styling yourself. They are the trendsetters who bring kinds of fashion into the market. You can experiment with a few trends and then incorporate them into your daily life based on what suits you.

One such trend is the fashion of round glasses for men. These glasses were underrated before and have come a long way since then. There are many round glasses for men to choose from for various occasions. Have a look at the following options and select your favourite celebrities’ look:

1. The Shehanshah of Bollywood

If you are a Bollywood fan, you can’t not like Big B. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the highly respected celebrities of the film industry of our country. His charismatic personality is world-renowned. With being famous, he is also known for his fashion choices. He has aged like fine wine, but his fashion statements, especially glasses, are iconic. The younger generations also follow his style statements robustly. These brown rimmed eyeglasses from the variety of round glasses for men are the right choice for you. If you follow the fashion style of this megastar, you will notice that he is spotted many times wearing similar eyewear.

2. The White Wolf

Kit Harington’s portrayal of Jon Snow in the popular show Game of Thrones is highly acclaimed worldwide, and he is also known for his eyewear looks. He is spotted wearing round glasses to wayfarers in his daily routine. You must opt for these black round-rimmed eyeglasses if you want to carry this look. From pairing with formal wear to casual jeans and tee outfit—they are suitable for every occasion because of their modest appeal. There is a variety of round sunglasses for men available in the market, which will enable you to dress like the Lord of Winterfell.

3. The Chocolate Boy

One of the most sought after actors of the current generation, Ranbir Kapoor, has made a mark in the Bollywood industry. His performance in films like Rockstar and Tamasha has set him apart from the other actors. The actor is also popular for his fashion choices, and his look from the movie Jagga Jasoos has set the trend. You can get this look from the variety of choices of round glasses for men available. Such a pair of round glasses will lend you a suave look to spread your charm around wherever you go.

4. The Sophisticated Persona

American actor Richard Gere is fondly remembered for his role in the classic movie Pretty Woman. With ageing gracefully, the actor is also known for his charming personality and handsome looks. He is known for his eyewear fashion statements. You must purchase these black-rimmed glasses, which will enable you to get this look. These eyeglasses can be well paired with all kinds of formal wear. You must check the options of round glasses for men, which are available to make the right choice that resembles this celebrity’s look.’

5. The Boy Next Door

Ayushmann Khurana is one of the popular actors of this generation whose journey is very inspiring. From delivering movie hits to his fashionable self, he is an actor with a lot of charm. Everyone is awed by him due to his acting talent on the big screen, and his social media is proof of the fashion statements made by him. From clothes to eyewear, he has been setting fashion goals for everyone. The bold eyeglasses that he is wearing are a must-have!

6. The Technology Revolutionist

The man behind Apple is known not only for his technological innovations but also for his sophisticated persona. What contributes significantly to his iconic personality are his classic rimless eyeglasses. Enigmatic that he looks, his eyeglasses only emphasize that aspect, because of which old and young alike look up to him with awe. These rimless eyeglasses are the ideal choice from amongst the choices of round glasses for men to nail the Steve Jobs look.

Follow the Fashion Statements of Your Favorite Celebrities

You must follow those celebs whose style statements align well with your preferences, along with trying some new and exciting stuff for change and fun. It is vital that you choose the right option to match their different looks if you want to get it right for everyone to acknowledge the same. Reliable companies like Titan Eye Plus offer you various options in eyeglasses as well as sunglasses to enable you to follow the footsteps of your favourite celebrities. They also provide you with excellent after-sales service to make sure that your shopping experience is satisfactory and worth it.
So, identify who you want to look like and then find suitable eyewear options to get it right.

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