Bye Bye Hand Shake,World Is Adopting Namaste As A Safe Way Of Greeting Admist Corona Virus Threat

Well the kind of emergency situation the world is facing right now was seen in only high end movies uptill now. Till a few days back who would have imagined that the schools would need to be shut down, people would be asked to work from home, flights and public gatherings would be cancelled and what not, well the list is long.

Amidst all this our Bollywood celebs have shown concern and have asked fans to stay safe by taking preventive measures.

Priyanka Chopra shared a series of her pictures and encouraged everyone to go for Namaste, “It’s all about the Namaste 🙏🏻 An old but also new way to greet people in a time of change around the world. Please stay safe everyone”! she captioned.

Salman Khan too shared a picture of him stating that our culture teaches us both Namashkaar and Salaam.

Amitabh Bachchan ji shared shared a small poem about how to take preventive steps to fight corona virus.

Varun Dhawan shared, “As we all battle this virus. I think it is time we realise that the human race has been extremely selfish. It’s time we introspect. We share this planet with many other species. Development is important but not at the cost of killing other species. We will overcome this but we must realise that messing with Mother Nature comes at a cost.”

Anupam Kher too shared a video and advised to follow the age old ritual of greeting with Namaste.

Meanwhile a lot of world leaders are practicing Namaste to greet each other in order to prevent corono virus. Have a look….

French President Emmanuel Macron greeted Spain’s King and Queen with a namaste, replacing the traditional handshake.

Recently, Prince Charles also greeted the guests with a Namaste at a Commonwealth event in London.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also advised citizens to opt for namaste earlier this month. “Just avoid shaking hands as I do. You can try to implement the Indian system of Namaste or say another word like shalom, but find a way, any way of not shaking hands,” Mr Netanyahu said.

Image reference- Twitter and Instagram

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