Prasad Recipes For Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a perfect time to celebrate these special days with family and friends. Praying and enjoying food together make these days truly special and memorable. Also, the most special part is the prasad made for Ganpati Bappa during these days. Here is a list of few sweet recipes which are perfect to make for prasad during these days…

Kaju Katli– This all-time favorite dessert is loved by everyone. Also, it’s quite easy to make. Simply take cashew powder and boil sugar and water together to make sugar syrup. Once done add powdered cashew along with ghee, rose water, and cardamom powder. Cook for a while and remove from the flame on a flat surface. You will have to knead it while still warm. Once the dough is ready, simply roll it like roti and cut diamond pieces.

Ladoo– Ladoo can be made from so many things like besan, Rava, coconut, dry fruits, etc. So choose your favorite pick, or you can also make different ladoo every day for the prasad.

Sheera– Sheera again can be made with atta, besan, rava, badam etc. Its a form of halwa with milk as an additional ingredient.

ModakModak is loved by Ganpati and preparing it at home will surely make your prasad thali stand out. Traditionally its made with rice flour with a filling of jaggery, coconut, and dry fruits but different recipes have different versions.

Kheer– Generally a typical kheer is made of rice and milk, but there are many versions to this dish. You can make kheer with sabudana, rava, rice, ragi and many more.

Shrikhand– This traditional sweet dish is made with hung curd and is flavored with cardamom, kesar and sugar.

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