Navratri Prasad Halwa, Puri, Chana recipe

Navratri Prasad- Halwa, Puri, Chana Recipe

Happy Ashtami to each and every one of you…the nine day long Navaratri festival is about to end and hope these nine days of fasting has bought a new energy and vision to your life. The nine day long festival comes to end on Ashtami or Naumi, according to what you have been following and navratri prasad is the most auspicious thing to prepare and offer to the nine kanya’s on this day. Halwa, poori, kala channa is something which is cooked at every home on this day and believe us, the combination taste’s like heaven. It makes you believe that there is no other food in the world which satisfies your taste buds as well as your soul especially after the nine day long fasting. And if you are a little perplexed about the different prasad recipes available on the internet, then here is a one which gives you exactly how to make it….Enjoy and Happy Navratri once again…

Image reference- nisha madhulika

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