5 Navratri Pooja Thali Décor Ideas Which Will Make Your Aarti Time More Divine

You always feel like doing something special for Navratri‘s. These nine days are something which one really really considers close to heart, something which you can truly call yours. And one such special thing to do is to decorate and make a special pooja thali for these days. So here are some out of the box ideas to do so…..

Prasad thali– Decorate the thali with red color or kumkum. You can also use a red color cloth or a red paper to prepare the base. Now use small diya’s all around the thali and these can be used to keep prasad for the day. You can keep idols in this thali for a better appeal. Don’t forget to keep a large diya at the center.

Stones and outliners– Fevicreate outliners are great to use and can be used in so many different art projects. And since they come in different colors, so you have an option to explore more. Use different colored stones along with the outliner pen to highlight your artwork on the thali. Again paint the base in a single striking color for the artwork to stand out.

Beading work– Beads look fantastic in any décor setup. So you can mix and match different colored beads and stones for a totally different take on a pooja thali. You can simply stick these beads and stones with the help of fabric glue.

Gota work– Use a velvet paper for the base and pre decide and mark your design on it. Now stick gota laces, broaches or gota patti on it to complete the design. You can also stich the gota to a piece of fabric and then stick it to the pooja thali.

Wholeweat diya’s= Flour, especially atta diya’s are considered auspicious. So you can use atta diya’s in natural or different colors and use them on a decorated thali like this. The outline or the boundary wall can have colored dough design setting like in the picture. You can also use a few mirrors to decorate the thali.

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