4 Ways To Decorate Pooja Thali For Navratri

Decorating pooja thali gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to soul. Using different materials, colors and being creative definitely makes one love this job. And this work becomes more special when you create a thali for a major festival like Navratri. Here are some ideas….

Diya decor– A simple thali can be decorated by making goddess face on the plate. You can make the features in the middle of the plate and then highlight it by placing diya’s on one side or all around.

Colorful Grains– Create Swasthik or Om with different colored grains. You can also use a bit of glue on the pattern you want to create, so that the grains stick and keep up for longer. If you don’t want to use grains, then use rangoli colors made of wooden dust. It sticks to the glue nicely and will therefore allow you to create intricate patterns.

Banana leaf– Banana leaf has a very sacred place in pooja and ritual ceremonies. Adding it to anything makes that place or thing look spiritual. Add it as a base for Thali decoration and keep your diya’s along with fresh flowers on the top of it.

Go crafty– Use different art and craft material like velvet sheets or colored papers. Use lace to finish the edges and highlight the entire thing with colored stones.

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