Navratri Rangoli Designs With Goddess Foot Prints

Navratri not only means fasting but is also meant to clean and decorate homes. You can do the decoration with fresh flowers, candles or can also make colorful rangoli to decorate your home. And since we all know that making rangoli designs is so auspicious on these days, here are a few designs which you can use to create one at your home. Making feet of the goddess is said to bring in good luck and prosperity, and here are a few design inspirations for the same. You can make them in your pooja room or at the entrance of the home, to invite the goddess to pay a visit to your home and to bless the place with positivity.

Champa flowers– A stylized S letter is a perfect design to make foot print rangoli for Navratri. Decorate it with champa flowers for a fresh look. You can make this design in a single color, or can even use two different shades for making it.

Single stroke design– Now this is little easier to make, use white flour to make the design and just sprinkle colors like yellow and red for good luck. You can use gulal colors or use natural ingredients like turmeric for the yellow and chandan for the red color.

Design with stones– This is the easiest way to create a rangoli pattern as you don’t have to create the design freehand. If you are not confident then trace the design on the surface you want the design, and then start making the rangoli by sticking colorful stones over the traced pattern.

Extended designs– This design can also be done with extensions where few more motifs can be designed along with the main foot print design.

Circle with swastika– An encircled design with the foot print and swastika design will surely bring in a good luck to you.

Colorful rangoli– Using bright and different colors makes the design look more appealing.


Image reference- Pinterest

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