Serve Food In Coconut Shells For The Next House Party

If you are the one who believes that serving food is an art and is as important as the food itself, then you will agree that no cutlery can beat the satisfaction of eating the food served in a natural source. Now Coconut shell is a popular natural source used for serving food and can be easily done at home for gathering and parties. Here are few popular dishes which you can serve in them but then you are free to choose your own ideas ….

Coconut riceCoconut rice is a popular dish in south and is relished all over the world. But do you want to serve a dish like this in fancy bowls and plates, if something else is on your mind then have a look at this. Serving this dish in a coconut shell will be a treat to the eyes and soul. Like wise you can also serve coconut or Thai curry in them.

Coconut Ice cream– Infact any ice cream can be served like this, all you need is some empty coconut shells, add a few scoops of your favorite ice cream and drizzle fresh fruit puree over it. Garnish with fresh cut fruits of your choice.

Salad– A coconut shell is a good bowl to serve fresh garden salads to the guests. You can prepare a few bowls like these beforehand and keep them in fridge an hour before serving.

Cocktails– Planning to prepare few refreshing summer drinks or cocktails for the guests, well serve them like this and you will get lots of compliments.

Fruit salad– Colorful cut fruits look so tempting when served in these bowls, you can also serve fruit custard or fruit cream like this.

Image reference- Pinterest

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