6 Ways You Can Use Coconut Shells As Bowls Which You Will Fall In Love With

If you are someone who simply loves to see and admire nature then you will love this article. Serving food in banana leaves is ancient to us, but how about using coconut shells for the same purpose. Coconut shells are sturdy and they look so beautiful when served like this. Moreover they are eco friendly and you won’t feel guilty while using them. Here is how you can use them to serve different recipes…..

Coconut based drinks– Coconut based mocktails and other drinks can be easily served like this. The drink will get infused with the coconut and will taste better. Even if you serve it instantly then too the entire setup looks so ravishing.

Thai curry– Thai curry again is an another recipe which can be aptly served in this natural bowl.

Coconut rice– What can be better than eating fresh coconut rice served in acoconut.

Coconut icecream– And if you want to try these bowls for desserts then serve coconut ice cream in them. Other desserts like payasam, kheer, basundi, rabri etc. can also be served in a coconut bowl.

Smoothie– How to serve a smoothie…… well now you have a perfect bowl to serve your smoothies.

Breakfast bowls– If you have been searching for a perfect breakfast bowl for your fruity and nutty cereals then here you go. Serve your favorite porridges like this.

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