3 Delicious Milk Based Dessert For Navratri Fasting

If you are someone who follows a strict no grain diet during the day while fasting then here are a few recipes which you can make with milk to satisfy your taste buds. These are a no fuss recipes which can be made with a few ingredients available easily at home.

Milk Barfi– In a pan add 1/4th cup ghee and once it melts add 1 cup milk to it. When the milk starts boiling add 2.5 cup milk powder and keep stirring continuously to avoid formation of lumps. Though you would not want to end up having extra sugar as milk powder is already sweet, but if you want then add sugar at this stage and keep stirring on low flame till the mixture turns into a soft dough like consistency. You can also add cardamom powder and a bit of kesar for enhanced flavor. Once the mixture is ready pour it onto a greased surface and wait for the mixture to dry completely before cutting out pieces for the barfi.

Banana pudding– In a blender add 1 banana, 1 cup milk, fresh coconut, jaggery and little bit of cardamom powder. Blend everything to form a smooth paste. Pour the mixture in serving bowl and garnish with chopped bananas and roasted dry fruits like almonds and raisins.

Basundi– In a pan take condensed milk and milk in 1:2 ratio and keep stirring the mixture while it comes to boil. Now keep the flame low and keep stirring the mixture till it becomes half or till it reaches the consistency you want. Add roasted dry fruits, sugar according to taste, cardamon powder and a few kesar strands.

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