Niagra Falls display solidarity and hope for India

UAE And Niagara Falls Send Prayers And Hope For India With Heartwarming Gestures

India is seeing daily new records of coronavirus cases. Amidst this UAE showed solidarity with the people of India by sending in hope and prayers for the pandemic to end soon. Major buildings in UAE including the iconic Burj Khalifa was light up in tricolor, the colors of the National Flag of India.

‘Sending hope, prayers, and support to India and all its people during this challenging time. #BurjKhalifa#StayStrongIndia’ the post captioned.

“India is currently facing a surge in cases and losses of life resulting from COVID-19. In a display of solidarity and hope for India, Niagara Falls will be illuminated tonight from 9:30 to 10pm in orange, white and green, the colours of the flag of India. #StayStrongIndia” said the post from Niagara Falls.

Image reference- Niagara Parks Twitter page, Original source

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