5 Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Card

If you are wondering how to make this day special for your mother last minute, then a quick DIY card should be on the top of your list. So if you have kids at home and you want to engage them in something creative, then here are five ways to do so…

Handprint card– A simple card made with handprints of the child is so special for a parent. This will be kept as a memory for many years to come. You can use different colours to create the handprints which will look like little pretty flowers on the card.

Use paper craft– Children love playing with tiny and colourful paper bits. You can use different posties to create this card. Or any regular coloured paper and glue will do the work too.

Hand shaped cards– This one is a simple yet impressive card idea. Trace the hands of the kid on a paper and create a cutout for the card. Now you can use your creativity to fill up the card. Use heart shapes or spray paint and write a nice quote for the mom on this special occasion.

Use fingerprints– Stick a heart cutout at the centre of the card and tell the child to use fingers to create the texture all over the card. Use different contrast and bright colours to make it look unique. When done remove the heart cutout.

Hugging hands– You can also create a card using hand cutouts. Its super easy to make and looks great too.

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