6 Ways To Feed Fruits To Your Fussy Eater

If your kids love eating fruits then you are lucky, but what if you have a fussy eater at home who just hates having them. Well the only trick is to try and try using different ideas. Mom’s are creative and their creativity goes beyond imagination when they have to feed their child with healthy food. And so here are a few tricks to help all those creative moms who want their fussy eaters to have their daily dose of juicy fruits…

Serving cone– Kids love those crunchy ice cream cones. You can use it as a base to create a cone filled with assorted fruits for the kids. A scoop of their favorite ice cream will be cherry on the top. 

Mix and match– You can also combine fruits with various things like a waffle or a bread etc. to make things little interesting for them. Furthermore, take help of different shapes to make the palate eye catchy. Sprinkle honey or chocolate dust or fruit syrups for a colorful touch to the whole recipe.

The pirate feel– A little bit of artwork over the fruits which can be peeled can work for the tiny tots. It’s a good idea to draw attention of kids for good reason.

Popsicle– Who doesn’t loves having Popsicle’s. Well all you have to do is to cut the fruits in triangles and insert popsicle sticks inside them. In summers you can also freeze the fruits for sometime to make them taste like fruity ice candy.

Create scenery– Moms have to be creative all the time. So when you have to feed a child just use your imagination to create an interesting platter for him or her.

Fruit juice Popsicle– You can also take out fresh fruit juice at home and use them to make popsicle for the kids. They will literally love them. The best is that you can use any fruit like watermelon, mango, grapes etc to create different popsicle’s.

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