This Diwali Try Making Homemade Jam For Your Kids

Is there anyone who would say no to having a spoonful of delicious jam. Ask kids who love eating everything sweet and fruity. We can say that this definitely is one of their favorite food which can be a part of roti, paratha’s, bread and what not. But most of the bottles which you buy from the market are full of preservatives, food color, added flavoring agents etc., in order to make their shelf life longer. Imagine we and the kids consume all these chemicals everyday in some or the other form. So how about making a preservatives free jam yourself at home.

Also you can alter the recipe with the choice of your favorite fruits. Jam can be made even with just one fruit like apple, pineapple, plum etc. So pick your favorite fruit and get started. And if you are passionate about gifting homemade items on Diwali then this can be your trick to get appreciation from people from all the age groups…. here is the recipe

Image reference- Pinterest

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