7 Ways To Use Leftover Apples And Their Peels

Apples are great for body, skin and hair. It has inumerous health properties which makes it as one of the most loved super fruits of all times. But do you know that even the peels of this fruit are equally beneficial as it has a lot of fiber in it. And when you can use them in several ways then why not. Just make sure that your apples are good quality and that the peels are pesticide, chemical and wax free. Here are a few ways how you can put apple peels to use…

Apple tea– One of the simplest ways to put apple peels to use is to make apple tea. Boil a few apple peels and a cinnamon stick in water and switch off the flame after 5 minutes. To this add honey and enjoy a hot cup of apple tea. You can also add a few drops of lemon of taste.

Apple potpourri– Thinking of how to make your home smell great without using chemical sprays. Well use apple peels to make apple potpourri and your home will smell like heaven.

Roasted apple chips– You can also transform regular apple peels to lip-smacking tea time chips. Take apple chips in a bowl and sprinkle melted butter, a little bit of cinnamon powder and a dash of brown sugar all over the peels. Mix properly and bake it in the oven until they become crispy.

Flavored water– Simply add a few apple peels to a normal drinking water bottle and let it infuse for 5-6 hours for a refreshing taste.

Prepare smoothie– You can also store the peels in the freezer and use it whenever you prepare smoothie for yourself. Take apple peels and add a bit of orange juice to it for a tangy flavor, a bit of honey and a few mixed berries for a delicious smoothie.

Apple Cider Vinegar– If you have seen videos on how to make ACV at home then you know what to do with the leftover apple peels. Put leftover apple cores and apple peels in a bottle and cover them nicely with water. Add sugar and mix nicely. You will have to wait until a week to see the results.

Add the bits to baked products– By using chopped apple peels to baked products you can add fiber to stuff like breads, muffins, wholewheat cakes and what not.

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