4 Prasad Recipes For Navratri Which Are Delicious And Very Easy To Make

If you are wondering what prasad should be made everyday for Navratri then we have some very easy and quick recipe ideas for you. Prasad is generally sweet and therefore these traditional sweet dishes are perfect to offer as prasad. Here they are……

Suji dry fruit ladoo– Roast rava or sooji on low flame until its properly roasted and is aromatic. Once done transfer it into a deep bowl. In the same pan fry cashew, raisins, walnuts all separately and pour them all over the roasted rava. Now roast desiccated coconut in the same pan just for a few minutes and pour it over the mixture prepared. You can also add cardamom powder for taste. Add jaggery powder according to the taste and pour warm milk over this mixture to prepare a dough consistency for preparing laddo’s. Grease hands with ghee and while the mixture is still warm prepare ladoo’s.

Kheer– Pressure cook samak rice with milk for a few whistles. Once cooked remove the pressure lid and add cardamom powder, sugar and a 1 spoon saffron milk. Mix everything and the kheer is ready. You can also ghee roast a few dry fruits and use this for kheer.

Dry coconut ladoo– When you don’t have much time try this recipe which is very quick and simple to make. Take desiccated coconut in a bowl and add cardamom powder and condensed milk to it. Mix nicely and grease your hands with ghee. Now start preparing ladoo’s and once done roll all the ladoo’s in dry coconut. Delicious coconut ladoo’s are ready.

Pumpkin halwa– Pressure cook washed and peeled pumpkin. Meanwhile take full cream milk in a deep pan and keep cooking it until it reduces to half or till a thick creamy texture is achieved. Don’t forget to continuously stir the milk otherwise it will burn and stick at the bottom of the pan. Now take ghee in a pan and add cooked pumpkin to it and cook until it releases ghee. Now add sugar, cardamom powder and the prepared milk to this mixture and cook until everything is mixed nicely. You can add dry fruits to this halwa.

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