This Earth Day Pledge To Make These Small Changes In Your Lifestyle To Make The World A Happy Place For Future Generations!

Happy Earth Day to all our readers!

Well it doesn’t sound too catchy to hear a wish like this right! But on a serious note we are already running late in doing our bit to save the earth, the planet which is home to all of us and many other species. If we go by the facts then there are so many issues which we are facing right now such as depleting water, climate change, agricultural problems and many more which need immediate attention. But overcoming these factors is only possible when we take collective actions. So as a citizen of the planet earth let us all promise to follow certain things in our day to day life to make tomorrow a better place to live in for the future generations.

DO NOT WASTE WATER– Yes please……..! This is something which every single person should start following religiously. Remember every drop counts. There are kids who do not have excess to clean drinking water and there are many who have to walk miles for just one bucket of water. Some do not even get this. And we all know that the underground water is depleting fast, so inorder to save it we must make a few changes.

  • Use a bucket instead of shower to take a bath to save tones of water.
  • Use water saver buttons on your flush tanks and use accordingly. You can also use water saving taps which keeps the water flow in check.
  • Rain water harvesting and other techniques to save clean water. Every new home or societies, office spaces, malls, schools, hospitals should have rain water harvesting system.
  • Mopping water (until and unless if you are not adding floor cleaners)and the water in which you clean grains and veggies can be reused to water the plants.

PRODUCE MINIMUM CARBON FOOTPRINTS– Well this is a vast topic to discuss which covers so many things and topics under it. But in short lets create less thrash and focus on how to recycle things. Simply discarding things is easy but to use it further if possible, is a sign of a genius mind. So be creative and reuse things.

  • Stop Using polythene, just stop it. Use reusable cloth bags which can be easily washed and reused again.
  • Try buying from the local grocery store and take your own containers to purchase grocery. Buying fancy packaged products is tempting to resist but they come all covered in fancy wrappers made of poly which again has adverese effect on environment.
  • Use air conditioners only and only when really needed as they are really really bad for environment.
  • Don’t throw things randomly, be it food, clothes, footwear and other stuff. Organize, divide and think ways to recycle them.
  • Use more and more public transport, not only its cheap but is also environment friendly.

Picture Reference- Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash (free for commercial use), Original source

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