Pledge To Beat The Air Pollution With These Simple Steps

Today is World Environment Day and the theme of this year is Air Pollution. At first it sounds absurd for any organization to have such a theme, like who wants to hear about pollution. And this is exactly the reason why there are themes so that everyone hand in hand could speak about one major environmental issue.

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. First held in 1974, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues from marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming, to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. WED has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, WED has a new theme that major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes. As citizens here are a few things which you can do to make the air more breathable.

Car pool– Since most of the pollution comes from the vehicles seen on the roads, this would be the best thing to do if you could put it to habit. Want to go to office pool a car with the people in or around your office. Want to go to shopping tag along with the friends or offer them the same. And this does not only helps with the air pollution, but it also helps in decreasing the on road traffic. And the lesser the traffic the more happy you will be.

Use bicycles– And they are cool, well incase if you are those few lucky ones who have an office nearby then why not choose for a swanky bicycle ride instead. Try this atleast few days a week.

Compost Waste– Instead of burning the waste, try home compost instead. Burning the waste is one of the major factors which leads to air pollution. On the contrary, the compost soil is ready after a few days which can be used to grow healthy plants.

Grow plants– Whether you live in an apartment or you own your own a bungalow, this is something which each and everyone of us can do. With the concrete jungle ascending in the metros, the trees and plants have lost the ground and this too is a major setback for clean air. Plants give us pure and fresh air to breathe and when they are ignored the situation becomes what we are experiencing right now. There are various plants like peace lily, spider plant, rubber plant, etc. which help in purifying the air and can be planted easily at homes and offices.

Download air pollution app– Air quality meter apps are a great help to know what’s going around you. And since most of us are too linenant on this issue, its better to keep a track of the air quality on these apps so that you are aware of the results of your actions.

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