Indoor Plants

Benefits of Keeping Houseplants

We all know the benefits of having plants around us. But having them indoor is something new to us as they are preferred outdoors in balconies or in the gardens.With the fact that they look beautiful, having them indoors have several benefits too….

They make breathing easy and increase the supply of oxygen around your home. Plants are known to release oxygen during the day and therefore provide us with a good supply of fresh oxygen to breathe. Well that’s a big reason why you should keep few plants indoor, because getting a fresh air is a matter of luxury nowadays. But plants do the reverse at night, they release carbon dioxide and take oxygen, making it dangerous to have them around, but there are certain plants which do not do so, and release oxygen at night too. Keep plants like orchids, succulents, dragon tree, Ivy, Ficus, palms, rubber plant in your bedroom to help making breathing easy. They clean and purify the air by increasing the oxygen level and hence make breathing easy.

They clean the air by removing the toxins and harmful gases from the air, and improve the indoor air quality. Plants like English Ivy, Peace lily, bamboo, Purple waffle, Variegated wax plant and spider plant are great to improve the indoor air quality.

Plants have therapeutic effects on our mind. They not only bring physical, but also balances the mental health. They improve mood by making you calm and peaceful and therefore making you feel relaxed. They also reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

It is also seen that the people who are surrounded by greenery are more creative. Greenery calms your mind and colors of flowers makes the mind cheerful and happy, all this pulls out all negativity and creates a space for creativity to think better.

It also helps in fighting cold, cough and other cold related diseases. Indoor plants increase humidity and decrease dust levels and therefore decrease the chances of cold.

They improve sleep too. As plants increase oxygen level inside the home, this helps in having a sound sleep.

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