9 Steps To Purify Indoor Air Naturally

Poor air quality is a matter of concern for everyone around the globe. As per the study, the air inside your home can be more harmful than the one outside. But a few tips can be used in order to purify and increase indoor air quality. Here are a few steps to achieve better indoor air naturally…

Grow indoor plants– Keeping indoor plants which purify the air is the least you can do in order to breathe fresh air. There are several plants which are known for reducing harmful gases and pollutants from the air. Moreover plants are a great way to decorate homes.

Open your windows and doors– Its a must, once a day open your doors and windows for a few minutes and let the airflow happen on its own. Most of the times the air inside is more polluted than the air outside, a good ventilation allows the used air to go out and the fresh one to come inside. Good ventilation also ensures that there is no moisture in the air resulting in mold formation which again is a major reason for low indoor air quality.

Use Salt lamps– You must have heard about the Himalayan Pink Salt lamps, well the salt pulls toxins from the environment and neutralises them. You can use a salt lamp for decor purposes or even a salt piece will do wonders.

Use activated charcoal or bamboo charcoal– Well an activated charcoal is not just meant for beauty and detoxifying purposes but you can also use it to purify air quality. Well simply put a few charcoal balls in different corners of your home and it will start its work instantly. An activated charcoal absorbs harmful gases and particles present in the air and that’s the reason why it is used in gas masks. Also using bamboo charcoal is better than using an activated one. You can also buy ready-made charcoal bags available online.

Essential oils– Essential oils particularly Thieves Oil kills airborne bacteria upto 99.96%. Thieves oil is an essential oil blend with clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils and is easily available online. The best part is that your home will smell great with the use of essential oil while purifying the air at the same time.

Beewax candles– Beeswax candles have the ability to ionise the air and neutralise toxic compounds and contaminants.

Wash curtains regularly and clean doors and windows– Keeping cleanliness is very necessary as curtains and windows entrap all the dirt particles, make sure you clean them timely.

Keep your shoes outside– All the dirt and germs in your footwear cannot be allowed to enter home, the same germs sit on your carpet and floor which with air is passed all around the home. Therefore maintain a shoe rack and keep outside and indoor footwear separately.

Get rid of mold formation and moisture in the house– Very common in houses with high moisture level, a mold formation invites air borne diseases and infections.

Clean AC regularly- Proper cleaning of AC’s is very very important as you inhale air directly coming from them.

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