7 Ways To Reuse An Old Saree For Home Decor And Utility

The older a saree gets, more dear it becomes to you. And if you are a one who has a wide collection of saree’s then we can totally understand how desperate the situation becomes to repurpose and reuse a few which can’t be worn anymore. Here are a few ideas which you can create using an old saree for home decor purposes…..

Turn them into Curtains– And no the curtains don’t have to be similar as in the pic. You can create a mix and match with different color Saree’s as well.

Use as blinds– Choosing fabrics for curtains and blinds is tricky, and not so pocket friendly if you are looking for something rich. But if you have an old saree which no longer interests you, then use them as a fabric for your blinds and they will change the look of your home completely.

Table runner– You can create a table runner or a bed runner with your old saree’s. Use tasseled laces at the corners to make the product a little fancy.

Chair seats– Dinning table seats can be given a makeover using your old saree fabric. You can also use the same fabric for a high chair in your living area.

Floor cushions– Floor cushions look so inviting and relaxing and are a delight to have at home. Create a few using your saree fabric and they will look great.

Cushion covers– Colorful cushions like these can really pep up the whole ambience of your living area.

Create nice pouches– You can take help of your local tailor to create small pouches and potlis out of a saree fabric. Or you can create big envelope shaped bags from the saree fabric to keep your expensive embroidered suits and sarees safely inside them.

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