5 Ways To Pep up your Walls and Interiors with Indian Art

When it comes to wall decoration, the most common and the easiest solution most of us come up with is to use the readymade wallpapers. But how about trying different painting styles from our own culture and heritage which will also give a personalized touch to your home. And we have a long list of painting styles practiced in different states of the country which can definitely become a part of any modern home. Here is how you can try them….

Pep up a balcony area– Give your balcony a complete makeover by painting the side walls with interesting patterns like this. You can get them in all black and white patterns or choose colorful shades to pep up the space a little bit. Use different plants to give the balcony a natural touch, and dedicate a seating space to relax and meditate when you really need a good me time.

Focus walls– Now though this picture gives a feel of some high end luxurious resort, but you can definitely take an inspiration from here to paint your walls. If you are planning to completely revamp your living space wall then this is a great idea. A dark colored wall with a painting in lighter shade and bit of focus light arrangement is good enough to bring in a touch of royalty to your home.

Add some stories to Pooja room– Its very important for this particular space to be really delightful and comforting. A space where you could just forget about everything else and relate to the supreme being. So while you are confused as what to do with this space, see this picture as it will give you a thousand inspirations.

The side walls of the stairs– Homes which have stairs can use the side space to go a little high on creativity with the Indian wall art.

Think about the ceiling– Painting walls is common but how about getting the ceiling painted, well it seems a great idea to us. And if you do not want an entirely done thing, then you can also go in for just the borders or small motifs or bootis and likewise.

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