Story Of Mithila/Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani painting is also known as Mithila painting since it originated from the Mithila region of present day Nepal, and is also practiced in certain parts of Bihar in India. This style of painting derives its inspiration basically from the Ramayana period. The motives are basically pictorial and uses human figures, flowers, trees, fishes, parrots, peacocks etc.

Ramayana era has a great influence on this certain art form, therefore mythology and nature is a special part of this art. Earthy colors like Tan, Brown, Black, Olives and Bright colors like Coral, neon colors are mixed in perfect way.

It is said that king Janak of Mithila, father of goddess Sita appointed numerous painters to capture the Swayamvar or marriage of his daughter Sita and this gave birth to the new form of art known as Madhubani or Mithila art. No wonder therefore it is basically inspired by the stories of Ramayana period. Krishna and his stories are also seen in some paintings.

Basically people used to paint their homes, specifically mud huts with these beautiful paintings. Even today, houses are replastered with mud and walls are repainted for special occasions like family celebrations, wedding and other holy festivals.

Use of Black and White, Tan was more prominent for painting on mud walls. Though nowadays bright colors are used too. Originally plant based organic colors were used for these paintings, but with time pigment dyes are used nowadays.


We can also find Madhubani paintings done on paper or cloth, framed perfectly for wall decorations.


This art form is not just confined till paintings on wall, but can now been seen in other home furnishings items and products such as Cushion covers, coasters, and ceramic ware.



It has also become an integral part of garments and textiles and can be seen painted over fabrics for kurtas, dupattas, sarees etc. It is basically done over natural fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Linen etc because natural fabrics absorb colors easily.

We just wish that more and more people work on this art and more and more people buy this, as this art form is an integral part of our culture which everyone should be aware of.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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