DIY Marbling With Nail Paints

Nail paints are not just to be used for nails, there are some other tricks too to them. One of them is to use them as a coloring agent for marbling different products. Marbling is a method of surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble. The patterns are the result of color floated on plain water, and then carefully transferred to a surface, such as paper, glassware, ceramic, or fabric.It is appealing because the end results to marbling is always a mystery, as they turn out differently every time. Here are few things to try with them….

Coffee Mug– If you are board of using the same old plain coffee mug, then here is a trick to add some colors to it. Take some water in  deep bowl, and now pick up your favorite shades of nail paints. Add some drops of these colors to the water and swirl a little by the help of a toothpick, remember to do this very gently otherwise the colors will loose their patterns. Also you have to be really quick while doing marbling otherwise the patterns are lost. Now very gently, dip the part of the cup where you want the pattern to be and lift it up. You will see a nice pattern transferred to the cup. Let it dry completely before use.


Marbled Glassware– Plain glasses and other glassware can also be painted using this technique. Here a plain glass is marbled in a texture with 3 different shades of the same color. Drop, swirl,place the product and you are done creating beautiful customized patterns for your products.


Planter Pots– Pink and white create a beautiful marbled effect over a simple garden planter pot. Create a bunch of these pots in different shades for your home. You can also use them for indoor plants, remember to match the colors according to the interiors of your home for best match.


Marbled Paper– Want to create a personalized book cover or gift paper, then do some marbling techniques over a normal paper and you will be ready with you own amazing textured papers.


Marbling Bulbs and glass ballsPerfect project for Christmas. Painted glass balls can be decorated with Christmas tree, and you can also add few candies and chocolates inside for kids to enjoy.


Candle Glasses– Turn shot glasses into beautiful candle stands by creating beautiful marbled textures.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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