Nail Art Designs To Celebrate Independence Day

Independence day is around the corner and nothing beats the pleasure of dressing up for this special day. And there are so many ways to do so, but getting a nail art done is the simplest thing you can do to celebrate this occasion. And we have got a few ideas to inspire you……

Dots and colors– Simply color the nails in orange, white and green colors and then use white color to paint the thumb and the baby finger. Take help of dots to create a pattern over the plain white nails.

Marbling– Simple marbling technique will look gorgeous too. If you are well versed with how to do marbling on nails then use the colors of the tricolor to create this pattern.

Follow the lines– Simple line patterns done in an abstract form all over the fingers is quite simple and quick to do, but the result is simple awesome.

Sponging– Sponging done with orange and green over white nails is worth trying. Once it dries, use a thin brush to make bird patterns all over the nails.

One nail concept– And if you find trying the other styles a little too much then do it this way. Choose your ring finger to create a flag pattern, and the rest of the nails can be done in any other color picked from the tricolor. You can also use glitter to highlight your nails.

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