6 Foil Transfer Nail Art Designs To Satisfy The Blingy Souls

Foil art nail designs look really trendy, but how you do them makes them look completely different. Here are a few trendy ideas to watch out for…

Pastel shades– If you don’t want your foil nails to look overpowering, then opt for subtle pastel shades for the base color. Light and pastel shades will ensure that the foil work done on them don’t look strikingly contrast.

Neutral shades– Foil transfer will always look great on neutral shades like nude, light grey, tan, mocha, beige, ivory etc. These colors will surely take your foil nail art to next level.

See through designs– You can also skip the base colors and choose to coat nails with a transparent paint instead. Use this base to create patterns will colorful foil transfers.

Combine them with patterns– You don’t have to always keep the foil nails as is… infact you can create different eye-catchy patterns over them.

Rainbow nails– And if using one color seems boring to you, then combine two three different foil transfer shades for a colorful look.

One sided effect– This one is too cool, using foil transfers only on one side of the nails is a good idea to go for if you want to keep the things a little subtle.

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