Nail Art With Nude Shades For Winters

When in doubt a nude shade can be the best nail color for you, infact it is also one of the safest color to play with the nail art designs. In summers where you can play with a range of bright and fruity colors, this shade is best explored in winters. And then you can play with the abstract designs or a simple trick like using a contrast nail shade with it can make a lot of difference. The possibilities are limitless, here are a few design option which you can try easily….

Nude and Maroon-Mixing up a nude shade with something contrast like a maroon compliments each other while making the nail art stand out at the same time. Highlighting two fingers with a contrast shade would be more than enough for this look.

Black, Nude and Gold-You can also mix shades like black and gold with a nude nail paint. Black makes a nice contrast with the nude color and gold gives the much needed bling to the whole nail art design. For this design use a matte finish nail paints as the matte finish from the nail colors and the glitter from the gold make up a nice pair with each other. And if matte finish is not something which interests you then go for both the shades in gloss finish.

Nude with just the gold– And if you do not want to add any other color with the nude shades then they can also be matched with just the glitter or the gold shades. A single or just the two fingers can have this bling effect and the rest you can do with the nude shade of your choice. Nail accessories like stones and jerkins can also accompany this design.

Contrast shades– This style is so appealing and looks totally amusing. The concept of using contrast and opposite shades on both the hands is just so out of the box.

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