Nude Footwear Color Guide

Nude footwear are so popular right now that the market is flooded with so many styles and colors in them. Yes you read it right, there are different shades available in the nude shade category. And choosing one which you like the most or the one which suits you the best is very important. Here are a few shades to try….

Light Skin color– The real nude or the light skin color is the most common shade for a nude footwear. It generally goes very well with most of the colors.

Ecru Tint– This color is one of the most versatile shade in the nude footwear category. Though not completely nude, but it still justifies being one and goes very well with the rest of the colors. Pair them with attires in lighter shades like white, cream, light beige and so on. This way your footwear will be in sync with the colors of your attire. Though constrain yourself from wearing them with the darker hues.

The pinkishish hue– Nude shades are also available with a slight tint of pink in them. They look more girlish and are a more toned down substitute of the ecru ones.

The beige ones– Beige shade is also one of the most popular shade in the nude footwear category. Try them on when you wear garments in black, red, blue, grey, browns and olive, basically all the neutral color family.

The dark nude– You can also pick a darker shade for your nude footwear and it looks equally good.

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