Nude Lips – A Trend To Follow

Nude lips are a very interesting way of doing makeup, which is subtle and understated and can be played around in many ways. You can either go for a complete nude look makeup with your nude lips, or compliment them by highlighting a certain feature of the face. Nowadays many cosmetic brands have nude lipsticks and shades available in a variety of colors like Browns, Peaches, Pinks, Mauves, Orange etc. But always test the shade before buying it, as not all shades look good on everyone. Here are few ways to flaunt the look…..

Smokey Eyes– Using a smokey eyes with a nude peach lips in matte finish, highlights the eyes. A dash of slight blusher in peach compliments the entire look.

Glossy Nude Lips– The eyes are well defined and the nude lips in gloss effect complete the look. You can create this effect by applying a foundation or a concealer to the lips, and applying a lip balm on the top of that for a complete nude affect.

Eyeliner and Nude lips– Combine your eyeliner with a splash of natural light mauve nude shade. A clean stoke of liner goes very well with defined lips.

Line Nude Lips– Lining your nude lips adds an extra factor and highlights your lips. Remember not to line them with a very high contrast color, either choose for a matching color family shade.

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