Bollywood Actresses In Nude Makeup

Nude makeup looks flawless and is very much in trend nowadays.

We can see many of our Bollywood actresses flaunting the same in some or the other way.

Here are few variations which you can try….

Katrina Kaif– This nude makeup of her is something really very simple to do. Clean the face and apply a good moisturizer and coat it further with a foundation matching to your skin tone.

A simple liner on the eyes and a nude lipstick in a pink shade completes the look. You can further highlight the cheeks in light pink blush. A perfect thing for the girl next door look which can be completed with a back ponytail.

Kajol Devgan– We have often seen her in a nude makeup and it wont be wrong to say that she carries it with so much style. Get this look by highlighting the eyes with a smokey eye makeup combined with a nude light brown lipstick. Smokey eye makeup looks very nice with a nude makeup, you can try this combination while wearing dark colored attires.

Aishwariya Rai– And if you find the smokey eyes in black too bold for yourself, then go in for all brown eye makeup like Aishwarya Rai. It is not too bold and goes with the Indian skin tone nicely. In fact it just merges with the skin tone and is perfect for a nude makeup. Highlight the eyes further with a black liner. You can also combine grey eye shadow with a nude makeup and a nude lip color.

Deepika Padukone– Nude makeup can also be combined with a shimmery eye makeup. Bronze eye shadow are perfect for a party look and can be combined with a matte nude color.

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