15 Must Buy Things Which Should Be In Your List If You Are A Beginner In Makeup And Absolutely Love It

Are you a beginner in makeup….. Well if you are looking for some tips to buy products to start this new journey with then do read this article. Its super confusing to put your hands on something new, and therefore this set of list will make sure to cover all your needs which you need at a beginners level. Do check it out……

Primer– A primer is something which every girl must own. Reason being that it gives your skin a smooth matte finish to proceed with your makeup routine. A primer smooth’s out fine lines, uneven skin tone, blemishes and gives a nice smooth texture to your skin. It also controls excessive oil release and gives a matte finish to the skin. You can use it before makeup or simply use it alone, the choice is yours.

BB or CC cream– BB or CC cream….well the choice is always yours. A CC cream is heavier than BB cream. A BB cream is generally used by girls who want a minimal coverage and its a great substitute for a foundation for the beginners.

Concealer– A concealer is something which most of you will need to hide out a few unwanted spots on the face. Moreover a concealer can be used in so many different ways. For example it can be used to create a base for an eye makeup, use it to cover dark circles, or you can even use it as a highlighter.

Setting powder or setting spray– Setting powders come in different shades and are also available in translucent form. You can use the one which best suits you. A setting powder is used on the T zone and it generally sets your makeup for the day. A setting powder is generally used to set foundation and gives a nice matte finish as it absorbs the oil traces which can further spoil your makeup. In contrast a setting spray is something which is easy to use and is used all over the face and not just on the T zone. Its basically used to set the entire makeup including the eye and the lip makeup too.

Highlighter and contouring– As we all are aware of the importance of highlighting and contouring in a makeup, therefore do invest in good products for this work. Highlighting and contouring highlight your features and is definitely a must add step to your makeup routine.

Bronzer– To finish the look use a bronzer to add a nice sheen and color to your face. It is generally used with the highlighting and contouring step.

Eyebrow pen– A good eyebrow pen will make sure that your eyebrows look perfectly in shape. Buy the ones which have the brow brush attached to it.

Eye liner– Do we need to explain why….. well you can bank upon a liner stick, a liquid liner or even a eyeliner pen. An eye liner pen is great for precision. You can even pick it in different shades and the latest trend says to pick the glitter ones. They come in several colors, like gold, silver, blue, green and what not.

Kajal– Well we can definitely not work without it right.

Eyeshadow pallet– If you are a beginner then always go for a basic pallet with basic colors rather than opting for something bold.

Mascara– To give your eyelashes a voluminous look invest in a good mascara.

Eye lash curler– This one is super important. To give your eyelashes a good shape do invest in it.

lipstick or lip gloss– Awwwwww…. how can we forget this. Well have a good mix of lip gloss, nude lip shades, matte lipsticks and the creamy ones in your collection.

Blender– A blender sponge is super important to purchase. Without it you cant blend your makeup base right.

Makeup brushes– Research on different types of makeup brushes and their uses and invest in some basic ones like the one used for highlighting and contouring and the one use for eye makeup.

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