How To Make Kajal Last Longer

Eye makeup is incomplete without using a kajal or a liner, and most of us use this one beauty product on a daily basis. It looks great but the most common problem which most of us face is that it generally smudges after some time. And you definitely don’t want to be seen in those ugly looking eyes. Here are few things which you can do to make your kajal stay longer….

Cleanse your face properlyCleaning the face is really really important before applying any sort of makeup. The natural oil in the skin and the traces of the old makeup makes your new makeup to break and smudge easily. If you have any traces of old makeup then  remove it thoroughly before putting a new one. You can use any baby oil or baby wipes to clean the eyes and they work wonderfully to remove any makeup. If you have an oily skin try putting an ice pack or just rub a few pieces of ice all over the eyes, this will help in sealing the excess oil for a long time which will result in eye makeup to last longer.

Choose the right product– A matte finish kajal or a gel based liner dries up quickly and they don’t smudge easily. Therefore they are a better pick than the cream based kajal’s.

Apply primer– Applying primer on the eyelids and lower lash line before you start an eye makeup will help you to keep the makeup stay for longer. Though doing this is not recommended on a daily basis but on and off you can try it. You can even dab some loose nude powder over the kajal and the eyes.

Use a liner pencil– In order to make your kajal stay for longer, seal the edges of the kajal with a liner pencil. The liner will ensure that the kajal stays up at place. You can also use an eyeshadow on the lower lash line and the upper lid to make the kajal smudge proof. Black or brown shades can be easily used for this purpose, the powder in the eyeshadow absorbs the excess oil and keeps the makeup smudge free for a longer period.

Smudge free kajal– Market has many options in this category and you can choose the one which suits you.

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