5 Ways To Remove Kajal Gently

Removing eye makeup or kajal is not an easy task, especially when you want a gentle solution for it. The make up remover which you use on eyes should be gentle on skin, and off course without much chemicals. Here are a few options which can use be used to remove kajal in a gentle and natural way.

Olive oil– Olive oil is gentle on skin and helps in nourishing the skin. It is also great for eyelashes, so when you use it to remove kajal you actually cleanse the skin while nourishing it.

Coconut oil– The same goes with coconut oil, we all know how beneficial it is for skin. Whenever you use these oils remember to dip the cotton in oil and place above the kajal for a few minutes before wiping the thing off. This will loosen the kajal a bit and it will be easier to wipe it off.

Baby wipes– When you are in hurry simply use baby wipes and it won’t take more than a minute to get rid of the makeup. It’s quite easy to use and is super quick too.

Baby lotion– If you don’t have wipes then using baby lotion is another quick way to get rid of the eye makeup. Just dab some in cotton and use it to wipe off the makeup.

Micellar water– Micellar water is gentle on skin and is also an excellent makeup remover which cleanses the skin from within.

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