Remove skin tan with natural indgredients

Remove Skin Tan With Natural Ingredients

Removing tan from skin is a real task. But using harsh and chemical laced products for removing tan can really damage your skin. So why not go for natural ingredients which will soothe and nourish the skin. Some of these ingredients are also easily available in your kitchen.

Raw milk– Raw milk is known to remove tan, black spots and blemishes. It also ensures to bring a glow to dull skin by removing the dead skin, and also helps in maintaining an even skin tone.

lemon juice and honey– Lemon has bleaching properties which pulls out the dirt and tan like no other thing. But always mix lemon juice with some other ingredient instead of using it alone, as at times it can get too harsh on the skin. Honey is a natural moisturizer and therefore nourishes the skin while cleaning it deeply. Mix lemon juice and honey and use this pack all over the face and hands to remove the tan.

Bengal gram flour and turmeric– Besan and haldi has been used since ages to achieve a flawless skin. Besan and haldi are used as an ubtan or face mask which exfoliates the skin and helps in removing skin tan. Take 2 tbsp besan with a pinch of turmeric and make a paste with the help of sour curd. Sour curd cuts the tanning while moisturizing the skin gently.

Potato juice-Potato juice is known for its skin lightening and brightening properties. Use potato juice to message your skin and keep it for 20-25 minutes before washing with normal water.

Sour Curd– Sour curd again is an excellent moisturizer for skin which acts as a natural bleach and helps in achieving an even skin tone.

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